Alexandre Christie watches 1015 LDLGPSL

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Alexandre Christie watches 1015 LDLGPSL

Alexandre Christie watches
Female Analog Watches 1015 LDLGPSL is a watch that is perfect for women, the reason is alexandre Christie watch
Female Analog Watches 1015 series LDLGPSL in desein specifically for women because of the small desein that adapts to the hands of women.
Is Alexandre Christie watches 1015 LDLGPSL suitable for women?

Is Alexandre Christie watches 1015 LDLGPSL suitable for women?

 This range of watches is highly recommended for women who want to be stylish but not a cheap style considering Alexandre Christie's watch is one of the popolers and is quite classy and will surely amaze those who see it. Alexandre Christie's watch series
Female Analog Watches 1015 LDLGPSL desein is very slick and adapts to simple styles but is great to look at when used.
With a reputation and experience of more than half a century, Alexandre Christie proved successful in creating quality watches that are deliberately in desein with a classic style but accompanied by high artistic value, one of the advantages of this series watches is a simple style but no impression of udik and still look istemewa when in use, and another advantage of this series is the price range that is still fairly affordable.

The Primo Steel 1015 series complements Alexandre Christie's formal watch line. With quality leather straps and equipped with date indicators, the Alexandre Christie 1015 series is suitable for your various activities.

For a more detailed explanation of Lexandre Christie watches
Female Analog Watches 1015 LDLGPSL please read the following explanation:

- Analog type of watch with a classic feel but still elegant when used
- Combination of two colors namely brown and gold
- With stainless steel casing material
- Leather Rope Material
- Three-handed gesture
- Show bar and numeric indexes
- Full date pointer details
- Pin buckle fastening can be adjusted to wrist size
- 1 year international warranty for any damage both in terms of production process, as well as movement of clockwork and battery.

Product details Alexandre Christie watches 1015 LDLGPSL

SKU (simple) : 7600FAC8850F66GS
Kode Produk : MTA-9235809
Kode EAN : 10354
Model No : AC 1015 LDLGPSL Series : Ac Fashion Gender : Women
Care Instructions : Store in a storage box.
Movement :Quartz Movement Weight after packing :approx. 500 gram What's Inside Box :1x Alexandre Christie , 1x Official Alexandre Christie Warranty Card , 1x Alexandre Christie Watch Box

Specifications Alexandre Christie watches 1015 LDLGPSL

Watch measurement : Case length x Case width:
- 3cm x 3cm

Strap length : 19cm
Size Guide : Other by Alexandre Christie.

What do you think? in my personal view this watch is quite luxurious and great for complementing the style as it is very simple and looks just right when used. For the price is fairly cheap considering the art in the manufacture of watches this series is quite high and you also get satisfaction when getting this product, which is priced at 55US dollars. 
You can get this watch through the online store of your choice.
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