Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500

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Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500-Many watches have been produced from the 90s until now, the history of watches is so long even people in the past have known watches even though it is much different from the production of the best brands today.

There are so many prices priced on watches ranging from 100 dollars to 5000 dollars can even reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, but here we will discuss recommendations for you in the form of Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500.

Not everyone likes to buy at too expensive prices, some people prefer to save money by simply buying enough items to use daily activities, such as buying cheap watches.

To get a quality dream watch does not have to spend a lot of funds, because many well-known brands have produced watches with the aim for those who want a low price, some of the brands of watches below are recommended from us for Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500.

1. Alexandre Christie

One of the best and quite famous brands is Alexandre Christie, his name is so good for him and is familiar to some countries. The beginning of history made this famous brand is the first time made in Switzerland.

Switzerland is a country that is famous as a country that has produced many quality watches, ranging from cheap to expensive prices and everything is made while putting the best quality.

This brand has now disowned from Switzerland and is now in production in Indonesia with a average price below 500.

Here are some models of watches from the best brands namely Alexandre Christie priced at $ 500:

Alexandre Christie BRONZIUM V2 AC 6481 LIMITED EDITION price : $ 500 Dolar. 
AC6141 AC-6141 price :$ 112 Dolar. 6496 Black Rosegold price : $ 109 Dolar. 
8578 - SILVER WHITE Price : $ 70 Dolar. 
2834LH  price : $ 50 Dolar.

That's some list of models from this brand, various types and designs are good and have been adjusted to be used in the hands of men and women.

2. Rolex 

Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500

Still from Switzerland, this brand is no less famous with other brands, the design and quality is very high, even in some countries known as a premium country in the sense of being appreciated at a high price, ranging from $ 500 to $ 3000 Dollars.

But you do not worry about the price, because in this article we only give a list price of $ 500 if you are interested you can still directly buy it tampa have to spend a lot of money.

As I explained, this brand comes from Switzerland which is famous for the quality of the watches they produce, so you don't have to hesitate to buy them.

Here is the price list of Rolex brand :

Daytona Ultimate LA Montoya Edition Clone 1-1 price : $ 210 Dolar. 
GMT Master II 116710BLNR price : $ 207 Dolar. 
Daytona Cosmograph Limited Edition LA Montoya 1 Price : $ 200 Dolar. Cosmograph Daytona Oyster Everose Price : $ 220 Dolar.

3. Casio

Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500

Is a famous men's watch, for those of you who want a watch for toppers, this brand is very suitable and recommended.

With a simple and classic design becomes a distinctive feature for their products. Casio is the first brand in production in japan or shibuya, Tokyo.

Japan is a country famous for cherry blossoms and also the quality of the machines they produce, in Japan technological advances are one of the most popular things, even some countries watchmakers entrust their watch machines made by the Japanese state.

If you are not sure about the quality of the machine from this country, you can try searching the gogle with the keyword list of famous watch brand machines from Japan. 

Well, there is no need to go at length about the explanation of the quality of this Japan,  just follow the list of watch price models from the best brands that casio under $ 500 just follow the list of watch price models from famous brands that casio under $ 500.

Edifice ECB-900DB-1ADR Price : $ 176 Dolar.
G-Shock GA-1000-4B Gravity Master : $ 80 Dolar.
MRW-200HD-7B Price : $ 27 Dolar.
G-Shock GA-1000-4B Gravity Master Price : $ 55 Dolar
ARSM05X1 Ladies ARSM05 Price : $ 21 Dolar.

4. Seiko Prospex

Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500

Seiko Prospex Is one of the brands that is also in the product by the country of Japan, the average price of this brand is more than $ 200. If you want a price below 500, then this watch will be the right answer for you.

Seiko Prospex has good quality, their products are quite complete, even if you are a person who likes to dive this brand has provided a watch that is perfect for those of you who like to dive.

With a luxurious look, the models of them are fairly elegant, very worthy to be used when attending events or daily activities. 

Here's the price list below 500 of Seiko Prospex :

Seiko Prospex SSC599P1 Price : $ 347 US Dolar.
SNE518P1 Tuna Solar Save Ocean Price : $ 220 US Dolar.
SRPF03K1 Automatic Diver Samurai Black SRPF03 Price : $ 350 Us Dolar.

5. Fossil

Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500

Originally from the state of Texas, Fossil is one of the well-known brands and much in the interest, proven the number of fake models from Fossil that have been produced and distributed by other parties, and has also spread in several countries.

While promoting quality, Fossil was first created in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis. Texas is located in a country that is famous as the country with the most smartphone users that is the U.S.

This premium country produces fossil brands and is priced at a range below $500 to above 500. 

List models from fossil brands priced below 500.

Fossil ME 3081 Price : $ 133 US
ME3155 AUTOMATIC Price : $ 100 US
FS 4656 Price : $ 44 US

6. Melbourne Watch Company

Best Watch Brands Worldwide Under 500

Originally from a country known as kangaroo country, the Melbourne Watch Company brand is relatively new, which began in 2013. 

By presenting super quality, they are one of the many watch companies that are in Australia and have successfully made both men's and women's watches, it still sounds familiar to some, but do not be too quick to conclude, the brand has managed to get the collectibles to buy their products.

Here's the price list of Melbourne Watch Company that is still suitable to keep the contents of your wallet:

Flinders Heritage Navy Watch Price : $ 445.
LONSDALE Watch. LO.42.A.3HD.10. Price : $ 301
 Co Lonsdale 42mm Green Dial Automatic Price : $ 240
Because the brand is still fairly new to the founding, it may be difficult if you want to buy it from your flagship watch shop, but you do not have to worry about not being able to find this brand, because you can still find it on ebay online store.

Conclusion of the best brands cheapes price under $ 500

No matter how much you buy, keep your comfort first when using it. All of the above watches that we have informed are all of good quality and still put your appearance first when in use, and also very worthy for you men and women

What do you think about Best watch brand under 500, are you interested in buying one of them? You can buy it at a place where you usually buy watches at prices that may differ from the price we mentioned, however the price will not differ much because each seller will put a different price on their merchandise. 

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