Latest Women's Fossil Watches 2022

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women's fossil watches 2022

Is this watch the best to buy for a woman?

In the summer of 2022, Fossil has just returned to present some new collections of watches for women. Many enthusiasts of this brand watch glanced and were interested in buying it.

Even after it was officially released, it has now been sold in general, both in the watch market and in online stores.

One of the ones I am most interested in and most popular among women is the Jacqueline series watch.


This fossil watch for women, which has just been released in 2022 in the Jacqueline series, has a fairly thin and smooth case to adjust women's wrists, which is 3.8 cm.

If we look at it, at first glance, it is very visible from this watch that the material of the case is made of selected materials and is of great quality, so my first impression is that the appearance is so elegant and charming.

The type of material used to make the case or body of the Jacqueline series Fossil watch is Stainless steel, it is one of the best and strongest materials, it is able to last longer than other materials, besides that it is also not easy to rust, the impression of elegant and quality will add value to this watch.

What is the best watch to buy for a woman?

The watch is also resistant to scratches, so it is very safe to wear while working. The durability of stainless stails against rust is one of the reasons why fossil watches are exposed to water.

The strap of this women's watch is accompanied by a strap or commonly called a smooth leather strap, so it will remain comfortable to wear all day to accompany your activities.

The overall stylish impression is very inherent because of the look that is accompanied by this strap strap. In addition, this watch is also equipped with a multifunctional machine, which will make this watch easy and very practical to use as a favorite watch, especially for those of you who are busy and want a practical watch.

The latest women's fossil watch 2022 Jacqueline series will be very suitable for use by women who always appear feminine. The afik impression of the design, as well as the material processed from quality materials makes this watch very suitable to be the best choice, in fact, if it is adjusted to the clothes and colors of the watch, it will be perfect to accompany you on important events.

This Jacqueline fossil series has been accompanied by 5 atm water resistance, which is one of the mandatory features on watches in general, namely resistance to water pressure at a depth of up to several meters

5 atm is a signal that indicates that this watch is able to survive the rain, or for water-related activities such as swimming or just soaking in a pool.

This women's watch also has Interchangeable compatibility, so you can change the strap if it starts to peel off, or just want to change the color to make it more attractive, or want the ability of a watch to be replaced with a different strap or strap, with a note that the strap to be replaced has a lugs size or a place to attach the strap according to it,  i.e. 16mm. 

The circumference size on the Fossil Jacqueline series watch is 175 +/- 5 mm, Suitable for women who have wrists with a size of 175mm or Approximately 5 mm.

The latest women's watch in the Jacqueline series uses a battery that is quite popular for the multi-function type, namely the SR621SW. this indicates that the battery can be replaced if it runs out, and is also popular because of its power that can last long enough.

The case size of this watch (case or body) is 3.8 cm, This size is quite standard for women's watches and is suitable for use by the majority of women. however, it's a good idea to adjust it to the size of your arm first with this watch, because it could be that you have a bigger or smaller wrist, this is because the appropriate case size will make the watch look more charming, it will also be very comfortable to use.

The way this watch is closed or tied to the hand is with a Single prong strap buckle, this is a type of cap used in the Jacqueline series Fossil watches to adjust the thickness of the strap easily, practically and quickly, namely along with the presence of one prong or horn on one side of the other used to tie the strap or strap on the watch.

The Fossil Jacqueline series watches use a type of needle display that shows numbers, This is different from the digital dial type which displays time using digital numbers, so the typical samgat will be a classic watch charming for women.

The type of machine used to move the clockwork on the Jacqueline series Fossil watch watches is multifunctional, which means that this watch is accompanied by several features that are sufficient to make it easier, find out the date and month as well as the year, along with a timer (stopwatch), and finally the alarm feature. So this feature is very useful for those of you who want to have a multifunctional and practical watch that can be used for everyday life. This multifunction movement makes this watch more useful and adds value to the watch.

Latest Women's Fossil Watches 2022

The quality assurance period provided by fossil for this Jacqueline series women's watch is 2 years for the engine, and 1 year for the battery. This means that if the movement or battery is damaged within that time frame, you can return the watch to the manufacturer for repair or replacement for free. This warranty period provides a sense of security for you as a buyer because you can be sure that your watch will function properly for a specified period of time.


Brief information on the specifications of the jacqueline series fossil series women's watches

Brand : Fossil

Collection : JACQUELINE

Gender : Women

Bahan Case : Stainless Steel

Case Color : Rose Gold 

Case Size : 3.8 cm

ClosureSingle Prong Strap Buckle 

Dial Type : Analogue

Movement : Multifunction

Strap Width : 16 mm

Strap Material : Leather

Strap Color : Gray

Battery Type : SR621SW

Circum ference : 175 +/- 5 mm

Interchangeable Compatibility : 16 mm

Water Resistance : 5 ATM

Price: $194  UP To 5% $204

Is this watch the best to buy for a woman?

At least I can say yes, because fossil is a watch brand that has been used and trusted by millions of users around the world, especially from western states and Europe.

Is Fossil watch a luxury brand?

Of course, considering the design, appearance, and materials used to make, also the price is quite high, unmistakably, this is one of the best luxury watches brand.

Is Fossil a Swiss watch?

No, fossil watches are not included from Swiss brands, let alone Chinese, these are made in america, if you are interested, you can try to find other brands, some examples of watches from Switzerland are rolex, omega and Cartier.

How do I know if my Fossil is real?

It's easy, you can find out whether your fossil watch is real or fake through the warranty book that is accompanied when buying it, this useful warranty book is for repairing or replacing fossil watch batteries at the official repair place.

You can also get to the original by checking the serial number listed on the Fossil watch on its official website. Generally, the material processed is also of high quality, so if it is made of cheap materials such as plastic on the straps, you can make sure it is fake.

Its high price is also a characteristic of the original, if a fossil watch is offered at a low price, to be far below its price or as low as the original price, it can be ensured to be fake.


In conclusion, the Fossil Jacqueline series is a multifunctional watch designed for women who want adequate style and function. The watch has an elegant and thin design, with a case made of stainless steel that is durable and resistant to scratches. The 5 ATM water resistance feature guarantees this watch to remain and avoid damage caused by exposure to water, so it will be suitable for women who like to wear the watch when activities in the water or related to it such as washing. The dial type used is analogue, with multifunctional movement on this watch will make it easier and practical to use in daily activities. This Jacqueline series Fossil watch is also equipped with 16mm interchangeable compatibility that allows you to change the strap or strap easily and a single prong strap buckle closure that makes it easy to adjust the thickness of the strap or strap. The warranty given is 2 years for the engine and 1 year for the battery which is a guarantee from the manufacturer of the quality.

Don't miss out on owning this Jacqueline watch from Fossil. Get it right away before it runs out! Make sure to add this watch to your watch collection right now. Sell:

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