Recommendations Fossil Watch men's Black And Gold

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Maybe you already know very well about the quality of watches from the Fossil brand, this time we have 4 recommendations of black and gold color combinations from the fossil series. If you are looking for a watch that suits you, maka The answer is in our article, please refer to this article on Recommendation Fossil Watch Men's Black and Gold, because we will review in detail about this watch so that when you buy, you are familiar with the application, disadvantages and advantages.

Fossil brand has directed various types that follow the style of the times, in terms of appearance and adjustment for its users, both men and women. Initially, the Fossil brand was inspired by the development of elegant classic fashion, from traditional leather to modern vintages that look trendy.

You can customize your taste because of the many display designs of this brand, from vintage, classic chronograph, automatic to smartwatch. well no need to talk about the popularity of fossil here recommendations Fossil watch men's black and gold

1. Fossil ME3138 Black And Gold

Fossil ME3138 Black And Gold

Discriptions :

· The design of the look is so luxurious, very suitable in use during activities and during official events, with the look of the ME3138 series, you do not need to be your look because ketila in gunakam, a suitable and luxurious impression will be attached to your hands.

· With a modern look and an alloy of black and gold colors, as well as selver, it is very different from the color of the clock in general.

· Equipped with a Chronograph dial with functions of 60 minutes, 60 seconds, and 1/10 second, and also perfected with the date display feature.

· The presence of Roman numerals on the index and movement is useful to automatically indicate the movement. This type of automatic movement is also perfected by the presence of an internal rotor supported by the movement of your wrist, so if your watch stops, then simply turn the crown clockwise

· It is suitable if combined sporty and casual style, made from quality materials so that and designed for long-term use.

· Stainless steel case has a thickness of 11mm and and diameter of 44mm.

· Silicone strap is black, flexibel, comfortable when used and also made from leather that is resistant to water.

· Carrying Water Resistant 5ATM, can withstand splashing water and rain, still survive even in use when swimming, and very safe if used when doing water-related activities such as fishing.

Specifikations and price :

Brand : Fossil

Model : Me3158 

Price : IDR 2,650,000

Movement : Mechanical Automatic

Case : 

Case Size: 42 mm

Case Shape: Round

Case Colour : Black 

Case Material : Stainless Steel

Dial : 

Dial Color: Black and gold

Strap : 

Closure : Single Prong Strap Buckle

Circumference : 200 +/- 5mm

Strap Color : Brown

Strap Width : 22mm

Strap Material : Leather

Completeness  : 

Water Resistance : 5 ATM 

2. FB-01 Chronograph Gold-Tone

FB-01 Chronograph Gold-Tone

Discriptions :

· The design of the look is customized for male users, gold color alloy adds a modern feel to this FS5836 series.

· Like other watch brands, this series is also equipped with a Chronograph Dial with the same function as the Fossil series above, and not to miss the date display

· Stainless steel case diameter 42MM, dial black, on the side colored gold.

· Strap made from Stainless Steel material, also gold colored to add a luxurious impression.

· The strap can be replaced with the same size, which is 22mm

· Water resistance is stronger than the series above which only 5 ATMs, Fossil FS5836 has water resistance of 10 ATMs.

Short specs and price :

EAN : 4064092055481

Brand : Fossil

Price : $ 162.87

Subcategory : Chrono

Name : FB-01 Chrono

Year : Spring Summer Collection 2021

Serial Code : FS5836

Diameter : 42 mm

Casing thickness : 12 mm

Case material : Gold plated stainless steel

Case Shape : Round

Fossil BQ2590 

Fossil BQ2590

Discriptions :

· In this series has 2 color combinations, namely gold and black, the classic look that makes this watch different from the series above.

· The case and straps are shiny gold, both made of stainless steel resistant to rust, and the color does not wear off easily.

· The dial is black. Fossil BQ2590 has 3 color options, namely gold, silver, and black.

Short Specifications :

Sku: BQ2590

Case Size: 45MM

Movement: Multifunctional


Rope Material: Stainless Steel

Water Resistance: 5 ATMs

Case Color: Gold

Sarong Material : Stainless Steel

Dial Color: Black

Strap Fashion Color: Gold Color

Strap Width: 22MM

Closure: Sprayer Bracelet

Inner Circumference Strap: 205 +/- 5MM

Battery Type: SR927SW

Price : $ 89.40


All the series that I have explained both the specifications and the design to the luxurious look, I think is enough to reveal how good and slick this fossil brand pampers the fans of watches.

That was a fossil watch with a combination of gold and black. You can choose one of the above, all the fossil series above look interesting, you can buy it on alibaba or the official website of Fossil.

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