Reveiw PRELOVED 10 ATM Fossil Men and Women Watch

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Reveiw PRELOVED 10 ATM Fossil Men's and Women Watch
Photos: Reveiw PRELOVED 10 ATM Fossil Men's and Women Watch

Paying attention to the time to stay consistent at work is one of the common secrets in the success of a career

Therefore, watches are very important for those who are always on time in their activities

Not only that, watches are also very important for those who always divide the time in doing daily activities

Therefore, one way to choose the best watch is to look at the quality of the material to its durability in water

The stronger the material and resistance when in the water depth, the better the quality of the watch.

What is 10 atm?

As is already known, this fossil PRELOVED watch has carried 10 atm, which means the resistance to water from 100 to maximal reaches a depth of 100 meters.

So you don't worry when exposed to rain or brought fishing

Even if you want, you can wear it when exercising water such as swimming though.

However, it is not recommended to wear this preloved watch for water sports that are pressurized very strongly

Considering that most watches only carry water repellent reaching 5 atm only, then it is quite clear about the advantages on this watch

here is a review of PRELOVED fossil 10 atm brand men's watch 

PRELOVED view 10 atm fossil men's watch

PRELOVED view 10 atm fossil men's watch

Preloved watches have a fairly luxurious look, this is evidenced from a strong material, namely satainless steel.

This white steel is able to withstand collisions such as falling, so it is durable and suitable for daily use.

PRELOVED watch from fossil brand is also able to withstand water pressure because it carries a water repellent of 10 atm

Strap material of white steel and leather

This preloved fossil watch strap is also made of quality white steel or can be called a white chain

It is very suitable for use by men and women, not only to that extent, watches that use stainless steel as a strap are known as quality and reliable goods, therefore the elegant impression is very attached when used

for those of you who want to go to the event using an elegant and luxurious watch, it is very recommended to use PRELOVED from this fossil

Depending on the variant, for men this fossil brand watch there is also a strap variant of the skin

Which is also very suitable the impression of the skin worn on this watch

Strap material of white steel and leather

Face is complete date

Not only limited to knowing the time, this PRELOVED watch can also know the date.

You can tell the date easily at any time by looking at the PRELOVED watch.

Date settings you can do on the side of the watch by rotating and adjusting

Glass Material

Glass Material on prevoled watches is already made of Cyrstal Minerals

able to withstand scratches of coin money when put together in a shirt bag.

when hit or rubbing no need to worry about causing scratches on glass material

Preloved watches have color variants

For those of you who like to have items with certain colors, you can choose your favorite color variant on this fossil brand preloved watch.

Starting from rose gold colors that are suitable and beautiful worn by women, to black for men

Cheap price

Unlike 10 atm watches in general which reaches 500 dollars

Prices from PRELOVED 10 atm fossil men's and women watch only start from the range of 60-100 dollars 

Very cheap even too cheap for a watch with many advantages

Advantages of PRELOVED 10 atm fossil watch

· Guaranteed quality, because the materials made from the best and choices, added based on experience since 1984

· Glass Material of the best is Cyrstal Mineral, which is known for scratch resistance

· from the famous brand that is fossil, one of the world in the manufacture of watches

· Cheap price compared to a watch of its class

· full vitur from timer, until date

· Easy to apply to anyone

· The color variants available are suitable for wear by all men and women

· A luxurious and elegant look for those of you who like good stuff

· Suitable for wearing by those whose daily activities are near the water such as housewives

· and many more advantages on this 10 atm preloved fossil watch


- Case size: 44mm

- Thickness: 15mm

- Strap Width: 22mm

- Water Resistant: Up to 10 ATM

- Glass Material: Mineral Cyrstal

- Material: Stanless Steel

- Category: Fashion


PRELOVED 10 atm fossil men's and women watch is perfect for those of you who like to swim or have hoby fishing, or who are always worried about damage due to rain

All the advantages on preloved watch 10 atm fossil men's and women watch you can have tampa need to drain savings, so that in addition to getting quality goods, can also save money.

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