The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

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The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

Watches are a gem for the wearer, with a unique and luxurious look is one of the advantages on each watch, not to mention the technology that is progressing rapidly, the watch is also no less in the advancement that adjusts its users ranging from classics to smartwatches

Having a cool watch is a dream for everyone, unfortunately the high price makes the fans need to consider buying it. 

By reading The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women, you will get some recommended watches that may be suitable for those of you who want The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women.

Things to note when buying The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women 

One of the things to note is to be careful with the design, brand, and also style that is again viral among you, on the watch is usually always accompanied by a brand engraved on the face or scrapnya.

With the carving of a brand on watches that you will buy, it becomes one of the important points that will make you cool when wearing it.

Many famous brands that will make the wearer cool, for example swiss brand, with swiss carvings then when others see your watch, they will feel your style is not outdated, then we can conclude that following the style of the times is the main thing in choosing a cool watch.

Unfortunately with a well-known brand will make you need to think first to spend some money just to buy a cool watch with the same benefits as a watch in general.

But you don't have to worry because we will review the best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women that will be very suitable for you.

Save money by buying cheap but cool-designed watches.

You don't worry about money
what you will spend to buy your dream watch is a watch that has a cool look, the reason to get the model of the look you want does not have to spend a lot of money, There are so many well-known brands that have provided their products at prices that adjust for those who want to look cool.

One of them is a swiss brand that comes from a swiss country that is famous for their quality. As for the price they bandrol ranging from $ 100 to $ 5000 even some reach $ 10000 more. 

So much they have provided for various circles although the price varies, but the design and quality they still prioritize, for those of you who want to get a cool watch and cheap prices, you can try some recommendations from us that we will review below.

Not limited to swiss brands, we will provide reviews for some well-known brands from various countries, here are reviews from you namely The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women:

For $200 you can get Brand Casio G-Shock model which in some countries is quite a lot of fans. G-Shock is the first watch in the world to be carefully crafted to withstand shocks and impacts.

With the extraordinary restraint that has been tested directly in the form of punches and lindas by the truck, it is proven that G-Shock is able to survive the blow mapun lindasan is still fully lit and fine, dangat extraordinary.

1. Casio G-SHOCK GM-110-1ADR

The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

G-Shock is deliberately designed with extraordinary durability made for those who are active in sports or who have military jobs or who are adventurous with outdor adventures.

The brand is heavily attracted by well-known military soldiers such as the US Navy and US Air Force. Not to mention the celebrities even the singers also use it (West, Rihana, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Tom Cruise, Chris Pratt, Neymar, Marcello) are some of the names of the artists who have worn it.

Rata2 G-Shock features auto calendar, LED Light, waterproof, stopwatch, and countdown timer. In terms of design has fashionable dance power. G-shock focuses not only on toughness, but also on design with the principle of 50% Technology and 50% Fashion.

With a digital look, the perfection of the Casio brand G-shock model is enough for those of you who want a cool watch that has strong principles, fashion, and technology, by choosing a model from this casio brnad, the impression of kerin watches will be yours.


Gender : Pria
Brand : Casio
Series : G-Shock
Movement : Quartz Movement 
Case diameter : 48.8 mm
Case thickness : 16.9 mm
Glass material : Mineral crystal
Case material : Stainless Steel and Resin
Water resistant : 200 Meters/20 ATM/20 BARi
Strap material : Rubber/Silicon/Resin/Karet
Clasp : Bucklei
Calendar : Perpetual Calendari
Luminious / LumiBrite : Yes
Model No : GM-110SCM-1ADR
Approx. Battery Life : 3 years on SR927W × 2
Accuracy : ±15 seconds per month
LED light : Auto light switch, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow

1/100 second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 999:59'59.99''
Measurement mode: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd time

Countdown timer
Unit of measurement: 1 second
Countdown range: 24 hours
Countdown start time range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increment and 1-hour increment)
Regular timekeeping
Analog: 2 hands (hours, minutes (hand gestures every 20 seconds)), 1 rotate (speed)
Digital: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day

World time
31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, Hometown/City time swapping world
• Shock resistant (G-SHOCK)
• Magnetic resistant)
• 5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm)
• Hourly time signal
• Full automatic calendar (until 2099)
• 12/24 hour format
• On/off button operation tone

Additional Information

This new G-SHOCK Metal Covered Series includes the GM-110, GM-5600, and GM-6900 with a fashionable semi-transparent band and camouflage pattern. The bezel is forged, cut, and polished and then given a camouflage pattern using a laser. The face and semitransparent band are also printed with a camouflage pattern. This combines with silver coloring to create designs that are both simple and stylish.
Dial Color
Digital Analog Dial
Weight after packing
approx. 500g
What's Inside Box
1x Casio G-Shock GM-110SCM-1ADR Metal Covered Digital Analog Dial Skeleton Camouflage Resin Strap
1x Machtwatch Warranty Card
1x Manual Book
1x Casio Box

Additional Information

The latest G-SHOCK Metal Covered series includes the GM-110, GM-5600, and GM-6900 with fashionable semi-transparent tapes and camouflage patterns. The bezel is forged, cut, and polished and then given a camouflage pattern using a laser. Semitransparent faces and ribbons are also printed with camouflage patterns. It is combined with silver coloring to create a simple and stylish design.

Christian Mode CM330CB-M

The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

Price : $ 87

This brand is one brand that is also famous in several countries, they offer a design that is also tailored for all men and women. Launched in 1990 in South Korea as well as Japan, they have the principle of luxury but practicality.

Making the crown their trademark, it was inspired by the official crown of the Maximilian royal family.

The crown of the maximilian kingdom was forged directly by Jean-Baptiste de Lasne, also known as a goldsmith from France,

Christian is a watch manufacturer that has been known as the best watch manufacturer in the world.

With an explanation of christian brand history and also its title, I think it is enough to represent the watch as The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women.

Not only that the advantages of this Christian brand, with competitive quality and low prices and also available for men and women, you can get the best choice that will make you will not feel regret to buy it.

For the price we've explained, which is about $80 Dollars, it's reasonably priced for a best and quality watch. For specifications you can see below :


gender : man
brand : Christian Fashion
movement : Japanese Quartz Movement ; Upper/lower case diameter : 35 mm
Uppercase/case thickness : 9 mm
Lug Width : 20 mm
Glass material : Mineral crystals
Case material : Stainless Steel
Waterproof : 30 Meters/3 ATM/3
Rope material : Stainless Steel
Buckles : Fold with double push button
calendar : Day and Date
Nutritious / LumiBrite : not
Model No. : CM330CB-M
Made in Korea : yes
Dial color : gold
feature : Day and Date, Chronometer

3. Citizen AU1080-20A

The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

Price : $ 158 

Classic style, for those of you who like classic design then Citizen is the answer, the reason citizen AU1080-20A has quality and trust for its fans.

Named citizen because it aims as a respect for producers around the world, Citizen feels a responsibility to a culture with positive changes and evolution that is being /has been done in Citizen products. Experts at Citizen take it very seriously and are open to the development of the times. 

As manufacture d'horlogerie, Citizen integrates a comprehensive manufacturing process from the production of each component to the assembly of watch products. This is the approach that craftsmen take in watchmaking using technology to the maximum point and using experience to discover a new possibility/innovation.

One of the most important innovations is the development of light-driven watch products. Citizen found such technological innovations slightly better than other watch manufacturers in early 1976, leading to the launch of eco-drive technology in 1995. Harnessing the electrical power gained from light, this remarkable innovation completely transforms how the power of the watch is obtained.

4. Fossil Garrett FS5623

The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

Price : $ 128

They have a commitment that is presents inspiration from American Vintage. This commitment has invited a strong retail presence globally with 400 retail locations, 4000 wholesale locations, and 13000 workers worldwide.

Fossil companies continue to portfolio their portfolios, some of which are dissinteous watches for users, from men to women.

Not only did they get there about Fossils, they were also one of those epochs with Jan's smart hands. With a portfolio of portfolios with world-class brands, it provides a good position in world trade. Fossils grow larger.


Gender : Pria
Brand : Fossil
Series : Garrett
Movement : Quartz Movement
Case diameter : 44 mm
Case thickness : 12 mm
Lug Width : 22 mm
Glass material : Mineral crystal
Case material : Stainless Steel
Water resistant : 100 Meters/10 ATM/10 
Strap material : Stainless Steel
Clasp : Fold over with safetyi
Calendar : Datei
Luminious / LumiBrite : Yes
Model No. : FS5623

5. Ferrari Scuderia Apex 0840032

The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women

Price : $ 78

Like namnya this brand also has a quality that is not playing, even they are one of the famous producers who succeed with the quality and design of them.

Ferrari is a sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as scuderia Ferrari. The company initially concentrated only on contracting drivers and producing race cars. However, since 1947 began producing luxury street cars for public consumption. Throughout its history, Ferrari has been famous for several race contests, most notably Formula One, an event where they have achieved great success.

The Ferrari company also manages a merchandising division that allows its trademarks to be affixed to a number of products such as sunscreens, pens, electronic equipment, perfumes, clothing, state-of-the-art bicycles, watches, mobile phones to portable computers. 

In 2007, the Financial Times newspaper placed Ferrari at the top of the list of the top 100 companies in Europe. 


Gender : Pria
Brand : Ferrari
Movement : Quartz Movement
Case diameter : 39.56 mm
Case thickness : 10.6 mm
Glass material : Mineral crystal
Case material : Stainless Steel
Water resistant : 30 Meters/3 ATM/3 
Strap material : Rubber/Silicon/Resin/Karet
Clasp : Bucklei
Calendar : No Calendari
Luminious / LumiBrite : No
Model No. : 0840032


Basically buying a watch aims to make it easier for you to know the time so that you are easy to manage the time. Each brand will provide a price for their manufacturers with different prices but all functions are the same almost no difference, it's just that the difference will be felt once when in use and quality and desaain.

That was the article about The best and cheapest quality cool watches for men and women, I think the above review is enough for you to consider which one to buy, and do not forget to buy at your subscription place or in your trust online store.

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