Advantages Of Portable Air Cooler Compared To Air Conditioner

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Advantages of portable air cooler compared to air conditioner

The world leader in the production of evaporative air coolers is the Corporation "Symphony", founded in 1988. This joint-stock company is included in the public listing of industrial companies on the most famous world exchanges.

Corporation "Symphony" has developed the world's largest functioning air cooler, and this development is officially included in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Excellent design, minimal power consumption and reliability - these features are the reason for the global popularity of portable air coolers manufactured by the company "Symphony" in many countries of the world. 

Our products are already sold in the USA and Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and will soon be available in many other countries.

Advantages of portable air cooler compared to air conditioner.

In principle, the portable air cooler and the air conditioner solve the same problem - changing the state (condition) of the air. That is, both are air coolers. But there is still a difference, and a significant one.

The portable air cooler has a number of advantages:

1. Low price; 

2. There are no installation costs, the portable air cooler does not need installation, it does not need to be brought out, respectively, it is not necessary to hammer the walls;

3. Evaporative portable air cooler consumes very little electricity (almost 10 times less compared to air conditioning); 

4. Evaporative portable air cooler is mobile - it just stands on its wheels, and you can even roll it to another room, put it in the trunk of the car and take it to the country;

5. The portable air cooler is environmentally friendly - no harmful chemicals are used, the most natural process is water evaporation. This is the ideal solution for a "green house" (green office, etc.).

Advantages of portable air cooler compared to air conditioner

Potebale Air Coolers – Catalogue. 

Unlike the dry artificial air of air conditioning, air conditioning portable air conditioners produce cold and humid air, while doors and windows can remain open without affecting the results. 

Mobile and portable air conditioners are ideal for homes, shops, showrooms, and other spaces where doors are often opened, people in and out. This technology is quite natural, environmentally friendly, because there are no emissions of substances that are harmful to humans. 

Portable air conditioning has unique features – it is an exclusive design of art, combined with efficiency, reliability, and efficiency.

This site presents a range of portable air coolers manufactured by the company "Symphony" - household, personal and industrial. 

You can choose the necessary design and performance air coolers in the catalog. 

It won't take long. The catalog of air coolers contains a wide range: effective indoor air coolers, ranging from 12.5 to 25 square meters.

The principle of operation of the portable air cooler.

As you know, the evaporation of water occurs with the absorption of heat from the surrounding space. It is a natural, natural chemical process based on the laws of physics. 

Accordingly, in the portable air cooler there is a cooling of air (environment) due to evaporation of water. The higher the temperature in the room, the more intensively the water evaporates and the air in this room cools faster.

Cheap air conditioners are portable air coolers. 

By and large, evaporative portable air coolers are the cheapest air conditioners. After all, these devices in the hot summer do the same thing - cool the air. 

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