Best Portable AC For Small Room And Ranted House

SANSUI Model X09 P1

When want to buy a certain item you 


When want to buy a certain item you should find out first to get the best item, and it is one of the important steps (understanding an item in order to consider whether the item is suitable and best for you), kamaren I have discussed about the best ac portabe based on my own experience, you can visit this link to read it

this time I will try to discuss a best electronic item or rather a portable ac unitportable ac unit, which is the item that I will review very recommendations for small or ranted house

of course you want the best goods and according to your wishes is not ?, but to get all kinds of benefits and advantages at once on an electronic unit will require a more budget , but what you will get will be as expected, I will review the best portable ac for small room and ranted house brand SANSUI that I have used for several months in detail

SANSUI Model X09 P1

Unit ac pertable rand SANSUI model X09 P1 I have used a few months or more precisely 3 months, and I argue in comparison other mini portable ac units that I also had time to use, I think this brand belongs to the category of the best portable ac options at that time with a fairly medium price

intermittently 2 days after I ordered this unit in an online shop, finally the goods arrived safely, the first time I opened the safety box and removed a portable air conditioning unit that has an edeial size for small rooms and rented houses

I am very happy because the shape is nice which is a square with a perfect look, if I look carefully it looks similar to a very small washing machine

Even so I really like the small shape is easy to move to a room that does not have air conditioning, when I throw a party or a gathering, with this portable ac I am very helped which this unit is really able to cool the room with a very short time span, just a few minutes slowly the room that was hot became very cool and make you feel at home.

Back to the main development, the reason I recommend SANSUI as the best portable ac, because it has a sfesification that is needed a small room or a rented house.

When I became a worker who was far from home and had to rent a house close to where I worked, compared to me having to commute which for me is too heavy if I have to every day so, I had problems with the hot air, want to feel like I bought a split ac (ac is large and can not be moved at will) but when I think if I stop contracting and go home or just move contract because I want to find sensai new, it will be very troublesome if you have to take care of the air conditioner to be moved and paired to a new contract and if I leave it so of course it will be very dear

That led to the cancellation of me buying split air conditioner and returning to use the fan. Unlike now, when I use this portable ac unit I am very helpful and do not worry anymore if I have to move house or want to cool a room that does not have air conditioning, I think even though you already have a split ac, it is recommended to have 1 unit of portable ac 

Explanation of the buttons on the portable ac brand SANSUI

The X09 P1 model is equipped with several menu button options, where each button has an important usefulness. Starting from the far left there is a power button for the fan, it is useful to choose how strong the fan rotation speed is, this button has 3 fan speed options, so you will be easy to adjust the cooling speed to be produced, of course for me this fan choice is very important to adjust it as I like

Next there is a mode button, in the mode options there are 4 options, namely cool mode for cold, dry for damp, fan to activate the fan, and lastly heat to release hot air ( warm the room) with the complete 4 modes, I think this model is very suitable to hold the title of best portable ac for small room and ranted house

Next right in the middle there is a display set that helps to measure the work of the cooler and so on, in part there is a button for sleep mode and timer, in order to adjust the performance of the machine when you want to sleep so that the sound produced from the machine becomes not too brisk and when waking from sleep does not feel dry throat. As for the use of the timer button I think you already know and do not need to explain and the far right button is the button turn on or off this portable ac, all this can also be controlled through the built-in remote

For swing function on this model can not move left right, can only move up and down, but this I think not too influence on the perfoma.

On the back of the filter, when I try to open and check it, looks very tight and able to filter dust in the air, a little advice, to get maximum performance should wash regularly to be clean from dust, for the time of washing it you can try to estimate the right time range to clean it 

Evaporators already use blue fins that are much stronger to avoid the possibility of scribble

This SANSUI unit has been equipped with a guidebook that explains the instructions for use, as well as a remote to make it easier to arrange when you are in bed and lazy to wake up close to portable ac just adjust the coolness produced, 2 hoses, one for disposal of water and the other for air disposal (where the air is out).


Short specs :

· 12000 Btu

· 1,5 PK

· Portable AC

· 1370 Watt

· Japan Technology

· Unit Dimension ( 798mm x 475mm x 417mm - 30 kg )

· Low  Noise

· Auto Swing

· Freon R410 - No Risk

· Large Display Screen

· Equipped with a small wheel to make it easier to move



If you already understand the workings of portable ac that I described above, I think it is worth having every rashah who wants coolness in each room that does not have air conditioning, besides environmentally friendly portable air conditioner is really able to cool a room


You need to consider your budget before buying it, although the price is still standard and fairly cheap, but if you do not need it too much then you should not bother to buy it, for example you are a person who easily cools even in the summer or prefers a hot room, although this portable ac can be adjusted to the coolness, but I think it would be better if you rely on split air conditioners that are already installed in your home alone (if you have one). but if you don't have it, just in case you better buy this portable version

You can check this online shop link to find out the price

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