Portable AC VS Air Cooler, What Is The Difference And Which One`s Better?


Portable AC VS Air Cooler, What Is The Difference And Which One`s Better?

Portable AC VS Air Cooler, What Is The Difference And Which One`s Better?


the best cooler is when able to provide your needs, no doubt many people out there wrong buy because they do not understand the way it works and the results it provides when units are operated


determining the best cooler means going to compare one with another, then between Portable ac VS air cooler, what is the difference and Which one's better?


to choose exactly of course you need to compare from several sides, if only from one side, then it is not enough


Reason is not enough if only look from one side only because it could be when we look from another point of view, then the other is better


for more details about portable ac VS air cooler, What Is The Difference And Which one's better, we will compare it from several angles, but to be clearer you have to understand there is a big difference between the two


and because of the difference that causes the mention is different, here is a brief explanation about the reason for the difference ofthese 2 units:


How portable ac works

about how portable ac works, if briefly explained is a cooling unit that works by filtering the air in the room so that the temperature will change to cool in a certain time (depending on the mode used)


Hot air resulting from filtering will be released through the hot air sewerage, so portable ac usually have 2 sewer pipes, namely hot air sewers and waterways


The water produced portable ac is the result of air filtration so that it forms a very tight molecule and turns into water, it is caused by the temperature of the room that drops


So here is a very striking difference when compared, of course still the same cooling units, but the way the work between the two is very much different, then how does the air cooler work?  please continue down


How the air cooler works

Air cooler is a cooling unit and belongs to the part of the portable ac model, but what distinguishes the two is how it works on both


More clearly air cooler is a cooler that provides coolness with a certain distance, in contrast to the other, this unit has a way of working with the contents of the water, then when activated the water will slowly with the form of dew will fly because it is exposed to the air from the round of the fan that is activated


Without the contents of the water, this model will only be a regular fan, so this is what distinguishes between portable ac and air cooler


I guess the explanation above is very clear if you are curious between Portable ac VS air cooler, what is the difference and Which one's better?, but as I said above, it is not enough if compared only from one side, let's continue comparing these 2 units from several different points of view


In terms of changing the room temperature

No need for a reason for the results of this answer, you yourself already know between portable ac vs air cooler which is better in cooling your temperature after explanation of the difference in how it works above


Even so can not be denied the price that reaches many times make these 2 units become so far in the difference about the temperature that can be changed, so here portable ac is the best and become the winner


Edeal size and weight

Portable AC VS Air Cooler, What Is The Difference And Which One`s Better?


I think this time the air cooler became the winner, although it was not able to cool down the whole room, at least it has a smaller shape makes it easy to carry it everywhere


In contrast to portable ac that easily provide coolness to your entire room, the large shape and weight reaches 30kg more making it lose in terms of edeal shape


If you need a cooler that is easy to carry anywhere for example when just on vacation or sightseeing, or a cooler that can be placed anywhere without burdening you, then the answer is air cooler


In terms of shape and weight portable ac vs air cooler won by the no 2, this unit is the best according to the point of view of the edeal form


Price for all circles

When it comes to price, it seems that the cheapest will win, but if talking about the price that is most suitable for the upper class, of course there is no connection with cheap goods, because they are not interested in goods that have a low price


Because speaking of price for all circles then the air cooler is the best, if compared with portable ac, this unit has a much cheaper price, even only with about 9 dollars, can already enjoy the coolness of this units


Of course 9 dollars is a price that can be bought by all circles, even you can buy as many as 10 pieces to be placed in all rooms in your house, and if you hold an important event, you can make it as a gift


Honestly, it sounds funny if you buy a water cooler with this much amount, why not just try saving money to buy portable ac? It was easier than having to buy and take care of many cooling units


Portable AC VS Air Cooler, What Is The Difference And Which One`s Better?

Less energy needed

Portable ac vs air cooler which is less in power consumption ? then the no 2 this is the answer


reason because the effect of the cold in the result is not as big as the no. 1, 2. then of course the power needed is not much, and if compared, I think it is quite a clear thing for those who already know how units work and who in the results, different from those who do not know about it and want to buy the best units, then find out is a wise thing,


therefore find out first before buying it, than after buying regret because it is not in accordance with the wishes

even so portable ac becomes the first choice if you want a much more maximum coolness results


When holding important events

having an important event in your home is a very memorable time, where people will come to gather and start assessing how great you are at preparing everything to make your guests feel happy and comfortable


then you need cooling units that are more effective and much more useful, then the answer is portable ac, and it is very suitable, more and more people are in your room, then the temperature will be hotter


if you rely on the air cooler for that, it will only make it harder for you, because you also need to refill the water when it runs out, especially if the amount you prepare is very much, then the more troublesome you


so between the two the no 1 is the better and be the winner (portable ac)


depending on what you need, from a different point of view on portable ac vs air cooler, then between the two will be different answers between which is the best


although the explanation above is very concise, but has answered all the basic things on Portable ac VS air cooler, what is the difference and Which one's better, now you already understand which one willsuit your needs


between the two each has advantages that he brings, I personally can not give the best and proper recommendation, because it is all in your decision, if you need air conditioning units for the room, then portable acportable ac is the best


different if you want an easy to carry e.g. for weekends or recrimation, then the air coolerair cooler will be more suitable.

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